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The four directors of this company cheated 14 investors from Kalyan area by showing huge lures like interest, motor car, cash, foreign trips for investing huge amount in our Philip Dream India, Philip Dream India Aqua Investment Company. .

For the last four years, these two investment companies were accepting investments from customers ranging from 1 lakh to 5 lakh. Police at Mahatma Phule police station said that investors are getting lured by these directors as they will get huge amount of money in a short period of time.

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The complainant in this case is Ashok Manohar Gangurde (63, retired, resident of Yogidham, Greenland Society, Kalyan). Director of these two investment companies Muhammad Raza Yaku Khan, (Baqi Syed Manzil, Marbad Road, Kalyan West), Ajay Kirpashankar Srivastava (Baqi Madhav Srishti, Godrej Hill Road, Kharakpada Circle, Kalyan West), Saleem Chand Syed Rest Chandra Mukhi. , Lok Surbhi Complex, Near Patripola, Kalyan East), Ishaq Juman Ansari (Near Satramdas Hospital, Nice Boutique, Ilhas Nagar 5 and others accused in this case. Saivihar Complex, Above Gurudev Hotel, Kalyan West since April 2019) .

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The directors of these two investment companies told 14 investors that ours was a fish farming business, police said. In this we get a lot of profit. If you invest in this fish farming business, you will get double profit. If you invest Rs 1 lakh you will get Rs 18,000 per month for 12 months, if you invest the same amount for 18 months you will get Rs 11,000, if you invest Rs 2 lakh in Biofloc Yojana If you invest Rs., you will get Rs. 4 lakh 56 thousand after two years and one lakh bonus for 12 and 18 months. Impossible lures like mobiles, laptops, foreign tourism, pills were shown. Maruti cars, expensive cars, Rs 50 lakhs in cash, flats, one crore ownership amount like increasing shares at each specific stage. Ignoring this investment scheme, the complainant Ashok Gangurde invested Rs. 5 lakh 20 thousand and other investors made similar investments in these two companies.

Directors became reluctant to give high returns to investors within the stipulated period. Due to non-payment of accrued interest, some customers started demanding refund of principal amount. The director also refused. Fourteen investors filed a complaint at the Mahatmaphule police station on Monday, alleging that the four directors defrauded their finances by gaining their trust and misappropriating their investment money.
The police have registered a case under the Maharashtra Depositors’ Interest Act. Police Inspector Satish Chandra Rathore is investigating.


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