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2022 horoscope: Assets will come together for those of this zodiac in 2022 .. – leo yearly horoscope check astrological predictions for leo know here all

2022 horoscope: Assets will come together for those of this zodiac in 2022 .. – leo yearly horoscope check astrological predictions for leo know here all


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However it is suggested to be a little more vigilant during the months of February and April as the combinations and motions of the planets may change unfavorably. The month of April is full of unexpected events. Rahu planetary wandering in Aries on May 12, i.e. ninth house from your zodiac can lead to some health issues.

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Job Life

The first half of this year will be favorable for those born in Leo, as well as the possibility of some financial problems and health issues in the second half. This year will be favorable for you professionally. Will be able to see career advancement in the first half of the year. Guru Gocharam and Shani Gocharam are positive so you will be able to successfully complete the tasks you have undertaken. You will receive the support of your superiors and co-workers for the work you do. Your ideas and plans will lead to growth in your career. Even those who think you can do evil will remain silent and unable to do anything. The appearance of Rahu in the tenth house will bring you name and prestige. Receiving praise for doing things that others cannot do with courage and perseverance. In April the conditions change due to the change of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Guru zodiac. Previous affections and respect are likely to decline. You will be angered by the superiors for not completing the tasks on time as there are interruptions in the tasks you have undertaken. In addition to the promotion that is to come but, the change of profession will be stopped or postponed.

Love & Family Life

This year will be mixed in terms of family. Guru Gocharam is favorable in the seventh house till April so you will receive help, support and affection from your spouse. During this time, one can get rid of the worries of the past and enjoy a happy life. Guru’s focus is on the third and eleventh house so your siblings will not only thrive but also get supportive contributions through them. During this time there will be participation in good deeds, or good deeds happening at home. Not only will you be happy but you will also try to keep your family members happy. If you are looking forward to having children but not marriage, you will get a favorable result at this time.
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Financial Life

This year Leo will be financially mixed for them. Economic development will be with Jupiter and Saturn in favor until April. Income increases not only through employment but also through business. Good returns can also be obtained from investments made in the past. During this time it is possible to buy a house or a vehicle. Also it is possible that the income will come either from your spouse or through hereditary assets. Saturn in the sixth house is favorable so you can not only repay the money you owe in the past but also repay the bank loans and debts you owe. Due to the unfavorable appearance of Jupiter between April and Saturday and between April and July, unforeseen expenses increase during this time.


Health Life

For those in Leo this year will be mixed in this regard. Due to the favorable appearance of Jupiter and Saturn in the first half of April, there will be no major health problems. Ketu’s appearance in the fourth house is likely to have minor health problems related to the stomach and lungs. Jupiter and Saturn are in favor at this time so these issues are not much of an annoyance when it comes. Between April and July Saturn and Jupiter are not favorable so some health precautions are required during this time. Health problems related to the liver, bones, and spine are more likely to occur during this time. Apart from these, care is required in case of health problems related to kidneys and heart. From July onwards Saturn will be favorable again so health problems will decline.
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Business Life

This year is not so favorable for traders. Business is expected to grow well until April in the first half. Financially this time is also favorable. This will enable you to grow your business the way you want it to. Rahu’s appearance at this time is also positive so your business will get better recognition. Be able to complete all your tasks enthusiastically and diligently. Saturn’s appearance at this time is also favorable so your work will be better for you their cooperation. Doing business in addition to the business you are currently doing or starting your business in a new location.

Study Life

This year will be mixed for students. Guru’s focus on Lagnam in the first half allows him to focus on his studies. Also you will be able to pass the written exams. Also help your peers with their education and get their forgiveness. Ketu’s appearance in the fourth house makes them more anxious about education. It is advisable not to lose courage in studying as there is a possibility of making mistakes in exams due to extreme fear. Despite being against Jupiter, and Saturn between April and June, Ketu’s move from the fourth position to the third house removes the anxiety about studying.

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