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Devesh Gondane

Nagpur: Dr. It has come to light that some officials of Baba Saheb Ambedkar Research and Training Institute (BARTI) are using the name of the ministry to collect money from training centers at the rate of 21 percent. However, ‘Barty’ has rejected the allegation and clarified that some centers are making false complaints just to create pressure.

Barti, Pune conducts coaching programs across the state for SC students to prepare for bank, railway etc. exams as well as police and army recruitment exams. Seven and a half thousand students are undergoing training in 30 training centers of the state. This program is running since 2018 and it helps scheduled caste students to get jobs in various government, semi-government and private sectors. However, despite the government’s decision to implement this program, training centers have come up.

Barti has complained that 21 percent of the training fee is being demanded from the heads during the establishment of training centers. The Centers have given the information in this regard on condition of confidentiality and if we look at the evidence received by them, it is known that this case is very shocking. Harassment of non-payers of 21% in training centers, non-payment of training fee for several months, detention for any reason, submission of one list of documents after completion, steps of training fee prescribed by the government. Violation has been reported. .

Accusation baseless: Barty

This is a very wrong and false complaint. We tend to improve the quality of training centers. However, some centers are not ready to reform their practices. Their own leaders are making false accusations of financial mismanagement. Dhamjyoti Gajabhe, Director General of ‘Barty’ explained that only some people who are against imparting quality training are trying to create pressure by making such false complaints.

Demand an inquiry

Currently, the Department of Social Justice is under Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. They also have to pay. The head of the center said that money is being demanded from the training centers by saying that the ministerial officers and employees will also have to pay. There is a question about the future of thousands of students in the grip of corruption. The centers have demanded that the inquiry be conducted by secretary-level officers.


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