5 seats will go to PTI, 15 to PML-N Pi News

Senior analyst Iftikhar Ahmed has said that in the by-elections, Lahore is facing stiff competition for two seats. The PML-N will win 15 seats, but the PTI will win only five.

Talking on New Age TV program “Khabar Se Aage”, he said that Sindh local body elections were stamped. I have videos. I hope that the Election Commission will take stern notice of the incidents in such areas.

Iftikhar Ahmed said that strengthening democracy is the duty of all of us. If any party is caught rigging the election, strict action should be taken against it.

He said that the PTI was alleging that someone was interfering in the elections. If they can prove it, they should, because it will serve democracy and the system.

Answering a question, Iftikhar Ahmed said that in a city like Lahore, people could not be intimidated by the police and the administration. All the candidates in Lahore, whether from PML-N or PTI, are big names, it is not possible to intimidate them.

He said that in the by-elections, according to my estimation, 5 seats will go to PTI and 15 to PML-N.

On the issue of Punjab Chief Minister, he said that all the politicians had decided that the Chief Minister of Punjab would be Pervez Elahi but only one party had reservations and it was PML-N but later he also agreed. What happened next is unknown.

Majid Nizami said that there are so many expenses during the election day and before the campaign that the ideologues cannot afford them, therefore tickets are given to the electives.

He said that if we go out of Lahore, we see more electables than the parties. He who was in one party went to the other party. If we look at the situation, it has been seen whether all the people who were given tickets by the PTI are eligible or not.

He said that the situation inside Punjab was very interesting and complex. The present government has 177 marks. Two MPAs are 175 marks due to anger. The opposition alliance has a number of 173 with 10 Q-League MPAs.

Talking during the program, he said that there is a difference of two votes in Punjab at present. The PML-N is trying to persuade its two angry MPAs to make a difference of four. The most important issue is the by-election of 20 constituencies. The PML-N has set a target of winning 15 seats.

Nadia Naqi said that she still could not understand why there was talk of an alliance of an institution and now there is no grip on the policy of the command.

He said the July 17 election would be a kind of referendum. For PML-N, the current economic situation, inflation and power situation. The extent to which this affects PML-N politics will be known on July 17.