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A CRAFTY mom shared her DIY trick for reusing leftover bottles of the viral Prime energy drink, after her son refused to throw them away.

Paula Fretter said she’s tired of her son’s bedroom looking like advice, after the 13-year-old grew to love the popular hydration drink created by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

Pictured: Cian-Wyn (C) Paula Fritter

The 37-year-old claims to have spent around £70 on Prime so far, after son Cian-Wyn scouted it out in his local garage, collecting 13 bottles of Prime and counting.

Paula from Gwynedd, Wales looked for ideas to repurpose blank spaces, and came up with the genius idea of ​​turning bottles into fairy lights — a ten-minute project Cian-Wyn will end up loving.

The photos show the Prime bottles sitting on a wooden desk, with golden lights shining from inside the bottles.

The bottles themselves are an array of different colors including blue, purple, red and white.

These colors, along with the golden glow of the lights inside, make for a colorful and stylish look for a youngster’s bedroom.

Paula took to social media on Saturday to share her adorable idea with fellow hero-loving parents of kids.

She wrote, “Hey, what other geek kid who won’t give up these bottles? He won’t let me throw them away so we added lights to make it look even better in the bedroom.”

The post got more than 900 likes and more than 800 comments from fan users.

One person said, “If the kids like it, let them go — I like that and I also have lights in their empty bottles, it doesn’t hurt anything. Well done, these look great.”

Another wrote: “We released major bath bombs tonight. This drink just went wild, didn’t it?”

Pictured: Fairylight Prime (C) Paula Fritter bottles

A third commented, “This is what we should do with girl groups.”

A fourth added, “I bet those might be big sellers with lights in them.”

Speaking today, Paula said: “My 13-year-old son Sian Wen is an obsessed YouTuber and collects these Prime drinks.

“I would like to say [we’ve spent on Prime drinks] £60 – £70 altogether – we were lucky enough to get it.

“The idea came from when I was decorating my other son’s room, he had Harry Potter glass jars but they were fairy lights so each bottle lit up.

So, I thought, ‘Uh, don’t prime bottles look good lit like this?’ “

“It was hard to get started, but our local garage often had availability if I was quick, and my son Cian-Wyn went to Asda every day on the way to school. He got lucky on a few occasions.

“I added fairy lights to them because I got sick of bottles everywhere. Cian-Wyn loved them, taking pictures and showing his friends

“At least when the lights are on it doesn’t look like a bedroom full of trash, it looks pretty on the shelf.”

Prime was launched by YouTube duo KSI and Logan Paul and has caused fanaticism among young people across the UK.

Initially, the drink was only available at Asda for £2, but many stores across the country have since managed to secure boxes of the water drink with people paying up to £100 for a bottle.

Recently, Aldi made a deal to stock drinks as well which led to scenes of teens and adult men fighting.


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