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A former Renfrew referee visited Hampden for a football memorabilia project Pi News


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The tour aims to attract those dealing with social isolation, memory loss conditions and loneliness, including dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Robert Craig, head of the Scottish Football Museum, said: “We are delighted to welcome Dougie to the group as we embark on our first venture in our new partnership with Spesavers.

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“Their support for the Football Memories Project, which touches the lives of those it touches, is invaluable and will help us continue to provide support for those experiencing memory loss or isolation.”

Glasgow Times: Specsavers Sarah Friel and former referee Dougie Hope


To promote memories and communication, football memorabilia uses a memory box with football-related items, including life-size player cutouts and newspaper clippings, to recreate long-term memories.

Visual cues are designed to trigger positive memories from the past and can have a significant impact on participants.

Scottish FA head of referee operations Crawford Allan described the football memorabilia as a “fantastic initiative”, adding that referees were keen to support it.

He added: “We hope their stories and precious mementos will bring back many happy memories.”

Glasgow Times: Former referee Dougie Hope, Specsavers' Sarah Friel, Scotland's Robert Harvey football memories

The tour, which kicks off at Hampden Park on January 25 with a Renfrew judge, will visit Glasgow and other cities in Scotland, reaching 500 groups involved in the project.

Arlene Stevenson, Head of Scotland at Specsavers, said: “Specsavers is proud of our long tradition of supporting Scottish referees, but our latest sponsorship deal shows us going further than ever and Football Memories is helping to raise awareness of their important work in helping people living with memory loss conditions.

“We can’t wait to hear what questions the judges will ask as they travel around the country and see the impact on the groups that attend.”


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