A former SNP intelligence doctor is willing to gamble no fee from a police financial investigation | Pro IQRA News

A former SNP intelligence doctor is willing to gamble no fee from a police financial investigation

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The former SNP spinning doctor said he was confident a police investigation into the party’s finances would not lead to any charges, as he spoke publicly about the investigation for the first time.

Murray Foote was the SNP’s chief of communications until he was sacked in March after a row over the party giving inaccurate membership figures to the media during its leadership election, saying it had relayed them “in good faith”.

The former Daily Record editor wrote to the paper Thursday that he is willing to bet there will be no charges after the investigation concludes.

Mr Foot speculated on the validity of the investigation, codenamed Operation Branchform, and whether it was a “wild goose chase”, describing it as a “grotesque spectacle”.

Former CEO Peter Morell and former Treasury Secretary Colin Beatty were both arrested as part of the investigation, but were later released without charges.

Mr Foote wrote: “I’m not saying the Brunchform is a wild goose chase – but what if it was?

“Definitely worth a look. Indeed, if we cherish the presumption of innocence, we must at least consider the conclusion of no charges.

The repercussions will have dire consequences for the investigating authorities.

“Given the bleak scene in the house Peter Morell shares with Nicola Sturgeon and in the party premises, it is inconceivable that the authorities could have been so cavalier without solid evidence, right?”

Foote then compared the situation to that of Rangers where administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clarke were falsely arrested due to the football club’s financial problems.

He wrote: “The legal costs of wrongfully prosecuting those involved in the management and purchase of the Ibrox club are in excess of £50m”.

So, the authorities have already had high-profile investigations collapse into scandal.

“If they miscalculate this spectacularly as well, the reputational cost will be far greater than the money spent on the workforce.

By the way, I am not criticizing the investigation itself. If the police receive a complaint, it is their duty to investigate.”

The former spin doctor said the scene of forensic tents outside the home of former First Minister Dame Sturgeon and Morell was “extraordinary” and a “grotesque circus”.

Mr. Foote said it was unlikely that Betty and Morel were “high-profile criminals”.

What I do know, however, is something of the character of the two men who have been arrested so far, and in Peter Morell and Colin Beatty, there are two of the less likely major criminals you will struggle to meet.

First, Peter’s loyalty to his wife is unquestionable.

“First Secretary Sturgeon and her husband lived under an overwhelmingly heavy scrutiny.

“It is inconceivable to me that Peter would think of doing something evasive lest he rebound and endanger his wife.”

Instead, Foote attacked the Conservatives, saying they knew they were “the party of real corruption”, and accused them of taking advantage of the situation.

On Wednesday, First Minister and SNP leader Hamza Yusuf spoke of his satisfaction with the appointment of new auditors.

The party has been without auditors since late 2022.

Youssef said he only found out about the situation after becoming party leader in March.

He said: “We take our legal obligations very seriously, so it is recommended that AMS Accountants Group complete accounts for both the party and the SNP Westminster group.

“There is hard work ahead, but it is really encouraging to have them on board as we work to meet challenging deadlines.”