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LAHORE: The price of LPG has been hiked by Rs 10 per kg in all major cities, including the provincial capital Lahore, after which the price of a domestic cylinder has gone up by Rs 400.

According to the details, Chairman of All Pakistan LPG Association Irfan Khokhar says LPG is sold at Rs 280 per kg in mountain and remote rural areas while in big cities it is sold at Rs 250 per kg.

They say that LPG is available in abundant quantity but the price has been raised unjustifiably by justifying the closure of the roads, the government should take notice of the matter and take action against those responsible.

On the other hand, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has set the price of LPG at 218 rupees per kg for August and the price of domestic cylinder at 2 thousand 571 rupees. The price will likely drop.

It should be noted that earlier yesterday, the price of LPG was increased by Rs 20 per kg, after which the price of a household cylinder was increased by Rs 250.


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