A man died and 2 people are still missing – NECN | Pro IQRA News

A man died and 2 people are still missing – NECN

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Two people are still missing, and one person died and several others were injured Wednesday morning, following a massive fire that destroyed a home in a neighborhood of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The fire — which broke out at about 3:15 p.m. Tuesday — tore through the 32-unit building on Accusnet Street, leaving at least 24 people without a home. On Wednesday morning, site crews said the building was to be demolished around 8 a.m

When emergency crews arrived, several people were hanging out of windows and needing rescue, said Scott Kreuger, chief of the New Bedford Fire Department.

President Krueger said, “Our sympathies are with the families, friends, and the people themselves who have occupied this building. It’s a really difficult time for them.”

The size of the building and the circumstances of the fire made it difficult for first responders to determine who needed rescue first.

Chief Kruger said, “It’s mentally difficult for them. You look at this well who am I going to catch and I have to look for a victim and then you’re going to get him.”

During an update late Tuesday, New Bedford officials said one man died in the fire, and at least five were taken to the hospital, two of them in very serious condition.

A fire in a New Bedford room house has killed one person.

Philip MacDonald said his brother and his brother’s girlfriend live in one of the units in the building, next to where the fire started.

“When I got here, there were flames coming from the second floor up to the third floor and the west-facing balcony, and the second floor was completely engulfed,” McDonald said.

About 80 firefighters responded to the blaze, with other local agencies attending to help.

An investigation is still underway to find out the cause of the fire, as community members intervene to help the displaced residents.