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A person has been arrested in the helicopter crash. Northern region Earlier this year that killed TV star Chris “Willow” Wilson.

Wilson, 34, was one of the stars of the reality series. Outback Wrangler.

Police announced today that a 44-year-old man has been arrested and is assisting police with enquiries. He has not been charged.

The accident happened in late February in Arnhem Land, about 500 kilometers east of Darwin.

Chris 'Willow' Wilson was collecting crocodile eggs when the helicopter crashed.
Chris ‘Willow’ Wilson was collecting crocodile eggs when the helicopter crashed. (supplied)

The helicopter was part of an expedition to collect crocodile eggs from local habitats.

Wilson, who had fallen under the helicopter, was found dead about 40 meters from the crash site.

A preliminary report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau found Wilson was hanging about 30 meters below the R44 Raven II helicopter when it hit trees shortly after takeoff in Nawama, West Arnhem Land.

Chris 'Willow' Wilson has been identified as the victim of yesterday's helicopter crash.
One person has been arrested in the accident. (supplied)

The sling line attachment rings were not attached to the helicopter’s cargo hook, the report said.

The helicopter’s main rotor blade had struck and severed at least one tree trunk.

“Preliminary assessments indicate that the engine stalled before the helicopter hit the ground,” the report said.


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