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A mass escape from the headquarters of Al-Khanjar and Al-Halbousi in Baghdad.. Escape to Turkey and fortified in the Fallujah Palace

A mass escape from the headquarters of Al-Khanjar and Al-Halbousi in Baghdad.. Escape to Turkey and fortified in the Fallujah Palace

Baghdad – Abu Zainab al-Muhammadawi – Fallujah – Quraish

On Friday, an Iraqi security source revealed that two explosions had occurred that targeted the first headquarters of the “Progress” coalition and the other of the “Azm” coalition affiliated with Muhammad al-Halbousi and Khamis al-Khanjar, as well as targeting the headquarters of the party headed by Massoud Barzani in the capital, Baghdad. While Ahmed Abu Risha, one of the tribal leaders in Anbar, said in a tweet that the fingerprints of the crime are clear, and he linked the missiles on the Green Zone and the assassination of Hisham al-Hashemi and activists, and bombings against Sunni and Kurdish headquarters, and said that he mixed papers for the sake of sedition.

On Friday, an Iraqi security source said that the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the party’s spokesman, Mahdi Abdul Karim Al-Faili, had been subjected to a failed assassination attempt in Baghdad.

The source said, “Gunmen opened fire on the convoy of the leader, Abdul Karim, on the Al-Jaish Canal Expressway, east of the capital, Baghdad.”

He added, “The attack did not result in casualties.”

The “Progress” coalition is headed by Muhammad al-Halbousi, the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, and the “Azm” coalition is headed by Khamis al-Khanjar. They were forced to unite to cross the hurdle of positions in the parliament presidency for al-Halbousi and he promised the position of Vice President of the Republic al-Khanjar. While informed sources said that Khamis al-Khanjar returned to Turkey urgently, while al-Halbousi took refuge to his back headquarters in Fallujah and intensified the guards around him and managed his duties with communications.

Meanwhile, a protection element at Al-Halbousi’s headquarters said that drones were spotted in the place near the palace and that orders were to prevent shooting at them, in what is believed to be a reconnaissance prior to the bombing of the rear headquarters of Al-Halbousi.

Activists from the supporters of the Sunni alliance commented on Facebook by saying that the Americans two years ago have not been able to protect themselves from attacks, so how about the alliance of resolve.

Members of Azm and others in Taqaddam said that the situation is concerned in Baghdad and that the members of the two alliances have disappeared from reappearance, and that a homemade bomb exploded inside the headquarters in the Adhamiya area, locality of 308 Main Street, causing only material damage.

“After inspection, it was found that there was a second home-made bomb that had not exploded and that it was dismantled by the engineering effort,” he added.

While a statement was issued by the Alliance – Resolve and Progress – expressing a state of despair about the feasibility of the law in protecting the headquarters of the pro-Iranian Sunni alliance from attacks, which it described as terrorist, and the statement sought the help of customs instead of the law. Here is its text:

  Al-Halbousi 1 - Quraish
A view from the car of the palace of Muhammad al-Halbousi in Fallujah – Karma

A similar explosion also targeted an office of the “Azm” coalition in the Yarmouk area of ​​the capital, Baghdad, causing material damage.

The headquarters of the Fifth Branch (Baghdad Branch) of the Kurdistan Democratic Party was attacked at dawn on Thursday with a grenade, the explosion of which caused material damage.

While the other party headquarters were mobilized and emptied of their leaders.


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