A mob of Muslims surrounded and attacked the Shiv Yatra at Thasra in Kheda. | Pro IQRA News

A mob of Muslims surrounded and attacked the Shiv Yatra at Thasra in Kheda.

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The Lord Shiva Yatra organized on the last day of Shravan last Friday (September 15, 2023) at Thasara in Kheda district of Gujarat was attacked by a Muslim mob. This attack was carried out when the Yatra was passing near the Madrasa and suddenly stones started pelting at the Shiv Yatra, leading to chaos and many people including policemen were injured. Now the police have registered an FIR in this case and started operations.

Three FIRs have been registered at Thasara police station in connection with the incident, copies of all are available with OpIndia. The FIR shows how the Muslim mob first attacked the procession with the DJ.

Let us tell you that in this case the Thasara police have registered an FIR on the complaint of a youth named Vijay Parmar. Where it was told that like every year this time also a procession of Lord Shiva was taken out on Friday at the end of Shravan month for which legal approval was also taken.

Every year this Yatra starts from Nageshwar Mahadev Temple and returns back to Nageshwar Temple after placing the idol of Lord Shiva in Baghi, Baliyadev Temple, Ram Chowk, Tower Bazaar, Hussaini Chowk, Holi Chakla, Teenbatti and Ashapuri Temple.

According to the information, the yatra started at 11:30 am and around 1000 Hindu devotees from Thasara and surrounding villages participated in it. In which men, women and children were all included. Two DJs were called for the yatra and necessary police force was provided from Thasra police station on the entire route. The Yatran started from Nageshwar Mahadev Temple and reached Tinbatti at 3.30 pm via Balidev Temple, Ram Chowk, Tower Bazaar, Hussaini Chowk, Holi Chakla as per the fixed route.

Muslims stopped DJ citing Madrasa

Devotional songs continued to be played during the journey. The complaint states that when the procession reached near the Madrasa at Teenbatti Chowk, Thasra Municipality member Mohammad Abrar Riazuddin Syed, Aspak Majimmiyan Belim and around fifty other Muslim people came to the procession and told the organizers, “Our Madrasa is next to me. in, stop your DJ And after saying this the DJ was beaten and stopped.

Stone throwing from the roofs of the Madrasa and nearby houses

As stated in the FIR, when these people returned, the Muslim men and women gathered on the roof of the madrasa and nearby houses started shouting loudly, ‘Stop the Hindus … stop the procession of Hindus. ‘And ‘No Hindu should come alive. Then the stone pelting began and bricks and large stones began to be thrown at the procession.

Meanwhile, the police accompanying the procession and the leaders of the Yatra tried their best to stop the stone pelting but the agitated Muslim crowd did not stop the stone pelting. Due to this, many policemen of Thasra police station and many involved in the yatra were injured. Then as the situation worsened, a convoy of other policemen also reached the spot, and saw the stone throwers running away from the Madrasa and the roofs of nearby houses.

Complaints against 17 named and 50 others against the mob

After the attack on Shiv Yatra in Thasra, a total of 17 Muslims have been named in this case and the remaining 50 Muslims have been booked under sections 143, 147, 148, 149, 153A, 295A, 323, 324, 504, 505, 506. Have been recorded. FIR has been registered at Thasra police station. The names of those against whom the complaint has been filed are as follows:

  1. Muhammad Abrar Riazuddin Syed
  2. Aspak Mazimmian Belim
  3. Zaid Ali Muhammad Ali Syed
  4. atiq malek
  5. Ahad Syed
  6. Haroon Pathan
  7. Rukmuddin Riaqatali Syed
  8. Firoz Majeet Khan Pathan
  9. Idriska
  10. Hub
  11. Junaid
  12. Tanveer Syed
  13. Faizan Syed
  14. foam battery
  15. Jabir Khan Inayat Khan Pathan
  16. Cock
  17. Altaf Khan Mukhtyar Khan Pathan

Let us tell you that on September 15, the last day of the auspicious month of Shravan, the wedding procession of Lord Shiva was brutally attacked in Thasara area of ​​Kheda district of Gujarat. According to reports, stones were pelted from a madrasa as Hindu devotees took out a procession from the area. In this case, Vijay Das Ji Maharaj, organizer of ‘Shivji Ki Sawaari’ Yatra, said that the attack seems to be pre-planned. The attack was carried out in such a way that the devotees participating in this Shiv Yatra were forced to leave the yatra midway and flee for their lives. Three policemen, including two officials and a PSI, were also injured in this incident.

Stone pelting common at Hindu festivals in Kheda, Gujarat

Notably, Kheda is the same area in Gujarat where Navratri celebrations had turned violent last year when a Muslim mob led by two youths named Arif and Zaheer pelted stones at Hindu devotees.

Reports said that the Muslim mob accompanying Arif and Zaheer had created a ruckus during the Navratri celebrations. Earlier, it was reported how a Muslim teacher in Kheda had asked students to beat their chests and chant “Ya Hussain” in Muharram-style mourning instead of performing Garba during Navratri celebrations. There were also reports of Muslim men trying to access the Navratri site under fake names. Moreover, the local Muslims in some areas had also opposed the celebration of Navratri.