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#Mumbai: Once again, a new equation smacks of Maharashtra. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections are coming up. Raj Thackeray is set to add a new dimension to the battle there, or so it seems after Monday. Raj Thackeray is meeting Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis of the newly formed BJP government in Maharashtra on Monday. There was a long discussion between them. It is believed that in the upcoming elections, these two forces may come together to form an alliance.

On Monday, Raj left his Khakor residence and went to Devendra Fadnavis’ house. To avoid media attention, he left at 7:30 am and reached Fadnavis at 7:30 am. They talked there for 1 hour. While all these reports have been confirmed by sources, neither party has confirmed the meeting. Devendra once visited Raj Thackeray’s house as a courtesy. Then he informed that Raj’s health was bad, an operation was done, so he came to see Raj. This incident happened in July.

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Of late, Raj Thackeray has been active in Maharashtra politics to find his footing again. anytime He recently went to Pune. He also worked to increase membership there.

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