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A refugee’s daughter thanks Lineker for her speech

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The daughter of a Jewish refugee, who came to the UK from Hungary in the 1930s, delivers a letter to Gary Lineker’s house – thanking him for his stance on immigration policy.

Susie Courtalt, 75, said she was thanking the 62-year-old former England footballer for “speaking for all the people who can’t speak their mind”.

Lineker was asked to back out of hosting Saturday’s match after he compared the language used to launch a new government policy for asylum seekers with Germany in the 1930s in a tweet.

She told the Palestinian News Agency: “I used to live in Barnes and came up from Brighton to see a play, so I thought I’d come and put a message through the door.

“I just feel he speaks for all the people who can’t express an opinion, including the British people.

“My father was very lucky to leave Hungary in the 1930s as the language became what it was here. My father was 18 and my uncle was 20.

“For the government, he (Lineker) is someone they want to destroy.”

Earlier, the Director General of the BBC apologized for the disturbance that occurred in the broadcaster’s sports programs, but confirmed that he would not resign due to a dispute over Lineker’s impartiality.

Speaking to BBC News on Saturday, Tim Davey hailed Blinker as “the best in the business” and said he wanted to find a “reasonable solution” to get it back on the air.

The company’s coverage of football was severely disrupted on Saturday as several broadcasters and reporters walked out in solidarity with Lineker, with no football or the final result being broadcast – while 5 Live’s radio coverage was drastically changed throughout the day.