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A Saskatoon woman lost her garage door and emotional belongings in a car jacking incident Pi News


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A Saskatoon woman is sharing her story of a tow truck incident in her driveway that left her without a garage door and many damaged emotional possessions.

Margaret Peters was not physically harmed and chose to stay positive and not be indifferent to everything.

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Peters is now dealing with the mess in his garage.

It all started on Saturday when his car broke down, so he called a tow truck.


“The truck decided to move my car into my garage,” Peters told CTV News.

He was standing in front of his car when the power-up happened.

(Courtesy: Margaret Peters)

“I moved in front of the car and suddenly decided to go into the garage,” he recalls.

Peter said the driver didn’t have a tow truck in the parking lot, so it lurched forward and hit his car, sending him through the garage door.

“It was a big explosion. My body just shook. When you see all this, what goes through your head, oh my god, – he says.

Then his first thought.

“Thank God I wasn’t ahead.”

Then thoughts wandered to his mother’s belongings in the garage, where they had been since her death in August.

“My garage is full of my mother’s things that I’ve been sorting through, my grandmother’s antique china,” she said.

According to him, it was all emotional stuff, and now he can’t be saved.

“Anything happens in this cold, and in Saskatchewan we have to be prepared.”

He was told the driver no longer works for the company, which did not want to be identified, and management is working hard to rectify the situation.

“They came right away and put the slab down, and they’ve moved forward over time so far.”

Although he is saddened by the loss of his mother’s possessions, he knows clearly that he cannot get them back.

“These things ruin your life and you can’t do anything but laugh afterwards.”


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