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(Shehzad Khan Abdali) Punjab government is trying to take away bread from the children of the poor, the district administration has increased the price of bread by Rs.1. and bread with Rs.

The district administration and the Punjab government did not feel sorry for the people, once again the price of bread was increased by Rs 1 and the price of bread was increased by Rs 2. The official price of bread was increased by Rs. Similarly, the price of rice has been increased by Rs 20 to Rs 250 per kg.

Due to an increase of Rs.5, white gram has become Rs.285 per kg. Milk price has been maintained at Rs.135, yogurt at Rs.160 per kg. Likewise, the price of mutton has been kept at Rs.1500 and beef at Rs.700 per kg. The besan has declined by Rs.15 to Rs.210. Dal Masoor will be available at Rs. 225 per kg, reduced by Rs. 10, while dal mash dal will be available for Rs. 335 with a reduction of Rs 20, and the price of dal mash husk will be reduced by Rs 15 to Rs 315.

After cut by Rs 5, the price of mung dal is fixed at Rs 220, cheaper by Rs 25, black gram will be available at Rs 185, after cut by Rs 20, the price of black gram is fixed at Rs 200. .

The citizens have reacted strongly to the rising prices of bread and bread. The citizens say that the government has killed the people alive.


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