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A slight decrease in injuries in today’s report, January 15 – Al-Ahram Al-Jadeed Canadian newspaper

A slight decrease in injuries in today’s report, January 15 – Al-Ahram Al-Jadeed Canadian newspaper

Slight decrease in injuries today January 15th is the eleventh day of the new restrictions imposed by the Ontario government

Below we monitor the new restrictions imposed by the government, which began to be implemented on January 5, and for a period of 21 days

It is forbidden to eat in closed restaurants, and it is allowed in the open air, and in open places.

Gyms and other indoor recreational sports facilities are closed, except for the training of athletes for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and some professional and elite sports tournaments.

Imposing a maximum capacity of stores, public libraries, shopping centers and personal care services at 50%

Indoor gatherings are limited to 5 people, while outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 people.

Close museums, galleries, zoos, science centers, historical sites, theme parks, festivals, and other attractions.

The distance between all attendees should be two metres.

Employees must work remotely unless their work requires being on site.

Capacity for weddings, funerals and religious services is limited to 50 percent of the capacity of a single room.

Locked meeting and event venues are closed with limited exceptions, expect those with outdoor space, which can operate with restrictions.

The Minister of Health of Ontario also posted on her personal page

Its daily report on Corona for January 15, which confirmed 10 thousand and 732 positive cases

Fully vaccinated individuals represent 78.3% of the total population of Ontario.

In Ontario, 2,9337677 doses of vaccine were given, with more than 157,000 doses given yesterday. 91.3% of Ontarians 12+ had one dose and 88.7% had two doses.

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