A surprising position from Abeer Sabri about donating her organs after her death!

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The Egyptian actress, Abeer Sabry, announced that she did not intend to donate her organs after her death.

This came after the two artists, Elham Shaheen and Rania Youssef, announced that they had donated their organs.

Abeer Sabri: Hey!

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In a Facebook post, Abeer Sabri mocked her colleagues.

She wrote: (Good evening.. I like to say that after a long life, God willing, I will not donate my organs. Thank you).

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When her media sister, Marwa Sabry, responded to her with a laughing emoji, Abeer replied: (Haisa).

And one of the followers wrote: (The problem is that they know that after they are not separated, nor their families, and no one will allow this talk at all).

(Speak for free)

The two artists, Rania and Elham, accused of seeking the trend, commenting: (The trend, unfortunately, rules… But the aroma is real.

Abeer Sabri replied to him: (Each one, his ideas and his members remain).

Abeer also responded to another comment that said: (Me too.. I will take all my needs while I am walking).

And he continued: (On the basis that I die in humanity and myself serve it).

To him, the Egyptian actress Maltasha, her two colleagues, replied: (It’s all talk, and the word is saved for free).

Rania Youssef: Everyone sleeps on the side that comforts him

In the same context, Rania Youssef announced a few days ago her intention to donate her organs, a week after Ilham Shaheen announced the matter.

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The journalist writer, member of the Egyptian Parliament, Farida Al-Shobashi, announced the same thing.

Rania Youssef with"hot shorts"

Rania’s statement came during a press conference behind the scenes filming of the series (The Mamluks).

Rania answered a question about the conflict of some religious views with her will to donate.

And she said: (Everyone sleeps on the side that comforts him, who sees the sanctity of a dead person that he does not do).

And she continued: (The one who does not see her doing it like this, our Lord created us free).

She indicated that she sees it as zakat, and a benefit to others, rather than eating her worms after death.

And she commented: (You can benefit from a cornea, or a heart, or a leg, or even a finger. Anyone who benefits completely needs it.”

Elham Shaheen: (Good for humanity instead of worms)

Elham Shaheen said in a telephone interview with the program (The Story): (I don’t mind taking my body after I die, because this is good for humanity).

And she continued: (And I told my family that after I die, I want to donate my organs, instead of being eaten by worms).

The Egyptian artist called for the establishment of a body in the country to legalize the donation of body organs after death and to disseminate this culture.

The body of Elham Shaheen instead of importing from China!

And she continued: (What is the importance of our body after we die…its skeletons are worms, salvation).

And she added: (But if I am able to live without pain or medication, eh, it is possible for someone to take the kidneys, someone take the liver, and someone take the cornea of ​​the eye).

And Ilham Shaheen continued: (Why do we import cornea from China, I don’t have very many people and we are many).

She asked: (Why do we not benefit from this topic, and the topic must remain legal, and the first time someone dies, they take his cornea, this is a great good).

There is no objection to using it in medical school

Elham Shaheen confirmed that she informed her family of the decision to donate her organs.

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She added: (I said this to my family, my sisters, my children and their sisters, and I said this for a long time, and I said these words from the days of Mama, may God have mercy on her).

Ilham Shaheen
Ilham Shaheen

The Egyptian artist indicated that she does not mind that a medical student learn about her body after her death.

Commentator: (I don’t mind any need for the good of humanity, I contribute to it).

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