A tsunami of people will reach Islamabad on May 25, Fawad Chaudhry Pi News

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Fawad Chaudhry has said that a tsunami of people will reach Islamabad on May 25.

In a message on social networking site Twitter, Fawad Chaudhry said that those who have never contested a councilor election in their life are against the election.

Fawad Chaudhry has said that Bibi should speak according to her height.

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He said that a tsunami of people will reach Islamabad on May 25. It is not up to you or Rana Sanaullah to stop this storm.

He further said that you should go home after apologizing to the people.

It should be noted that PTI Chairman Imran Khan has announced Islamabad Long March on May 25.

Addressing a press conference after the meeting of the corps committee in Peshawar, former prime minister Imran Khan had said that the PTI corps committee meeting had decided to hold a long march. I will meet you at 3 o’clock. I am inviting not only PTI workers but the whole nation. I am also inviting all women to participate in the long march.

Imran Khan had said that we demand dissolution of assembly and announcement of election and institutions have said that if we are neutral then remain neutral, now I am telling you, internet will be shut down 2 days ago when our peaceful march was interrupted. So we will take legal action.

Chairman PTI said that there is no future for the nation in the presence of these thieves, there are cases against those who came to power, the fugitive is sitting outside and making decisions, the thieves have been made the Prime Minister and Chief Minister. It is an insult, the Prime Minister of the country is on bail, he came to power only to end his cases, 22 crore people of this country were used like tissue paper.

Imran Khan had said that the Prime Minister who was told about me had gone to Russia, disobeyed this order and took him out. This government does not dare to buy cheap oil from Russia.

He had said that India benefited its people by getting cheap oil from Russia. India made petrol and diesel cheaper for the people in their country yesterday while Pakistanis abroad sent record amount of money in the country and we collected record tax which Subsidized petrol and diesel but has no plan or roadmap.

Imran Khan said that we were taking the country out of difficult situation when Corona came. When he came in government, Pakistan had an external deficit of 20 billion dollars. The world was setting an example of our strategy. His only experience was corruption.

The former Prime Minister had said that IT exports should increase to 75% for the first time, we saved the country and the people from the losses of Corona, what happened after the removal of the government is in front of the people and Is coming

He had said that our GDP growth was at 6%, the country was moving forward, the country was moving forward for the first time since 1960s, the country had record crops, farmers got money when we came to power. So the country was on the verge of bankruptcy, there was record growth in our government, most jobs in the region were in Pakistan.

Imran Khan said that there was an American conspiracy to change the government, this conspiracy was not against me but against the country, America united the most corrupt people of the country, conspiracy was revealed after August, unfortunately we are not conspiracy Could stop

Imran Khan further said that on March 7, the US Undersecretary threatened our ambassador and kept trying to prevent this conspiracy from succeeding. The members were offered Rs.

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