A video of Macron with the wife of the president of Guinea raises controversy.. newspaper: Russia is behind him, and this is its goal

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A video posted on the Internet showed the wife of the new president of Guinea, Colonel Mamadi Domboya, 41, accompanied by French President Emmanuel Macron, as a newspaper said. The Times Britain said Thursday, October 14, 2021, that Moscow-linked hackers plotted the video to attack Domboya after he succeeded in overthrowing President Conde and taking power.

Colonel Mamady Domboya (41 years old) had orchestrated successful coupPresident Conde, 83, was sworn in earlier this month to be the interim leader of the West African country.

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His wife, Lorient, is of French origin, and the newspaper said that she was watching him at the time from the front row, wearing a white headscarf and the traditional ‘boubou’ dress.


According to the newspaper, little is known about her; Including the fact that she had four children from Domboia, and that she worked in the French military police, helped spread rumors of her relationship with Macron.

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The newspaper pointed out that the scene that shows Mrs. Domboya, arming Emmanuel Macron, is “clearly fabricated”.

A spokeswoman for the new regime, which has vowed to lead Guinea’s transition to democratic elections, described the leader’s wife as “restrictive”. Usually, Guinea’s first ladies take an active part; Condé’s wife, for example, ran a charitable foundation.

“What this first lady will do is not yet decided,” the spokeswoman said, adding that her nationality would not be a problem; “From our point of view, she is the first lady of Guinea.”

A source at the French Embassy in Conakry said that they are aware of the material circulating on social networks, but did not make any further comment.

Colonel Domboya is reported to have trained with the French Foreign Legion and reportedly met his wife when he studied in Paris. He has served on missions to Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Central African Republic, and Britain.

Ms. Lorient Domboya is also believed to have served in Guinea, which is rich in gold and diamonds and where France has a small number of police, gendarmerie and military personnel.

Ibrahima Kaba, an academic at Kankan University in Guinea, said: “A lot of us don’t quite accept the French. Some Guineans say they are not satisfied that the first lady is French.”

The colonel was called back to Guinea in 2018 by Condé himself to lead the newly created elite unit of special forces. And in an embarrassing twist for the United States, Domboya was at a training camp run by the US Army’s “Green Beret” – which means green beret – when he gathered his men and left in the middle of the night to seize power.

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