Actress Kabra Khan is a victim of severe criticism, the picture is viral Pi News

Leading Pakistani actress Kabra Khan’s picture has gone viral on social media.

The actress has posted a picture of herself on her official Instagram account, which is being criticized by fans.

As soon as the photo went viral, the actress came under severe criticism from social media users.

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Earlier, in a teaser released on Instagram, the actress was seen dressed as a bride.

In the video, the actress was wearing a mahogany wedding dress which added to her beauty.

Recently, Kabra Khan had said that people had criticized him for being overweight.

In an interview, actress Kabra Khan had revealed that she had faced criticism and bad impressions from the people.

The actress had said that at the beginning of last year I had gained a lot of weight due to which people criticized me a lot and even made fun of me but no one knows what happened to me.

The actress had said in her interview that when she went to her home in London, she had some concerns about her health and she thought it would be better to consult a doctor.

Kabra Khan said that the doctors had shown the risk of cancer after a complete check-up, after which I was suffering from depression and I also had two surgeries.

The actress had said that the surgeries were successful but after that I could not pay attention to my growing weight due to unhealthy nature but now thank God that I am fine and not too fat.

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