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Uran : Although vehicles transporting students in the city are not useful, we are concerned about their safety. But even today, let alone the transport system of students in rural areas, even the roads to get them to school are not in good condition. Students of Kalicha Mall, a tribal ward in Cherner gram panchayat of Oran taluk, have to walk three kilometers through mud to go to school.

The road connecting this tribal pada with Charnare village is in bad condition and students of the pada travel on this road daily. In such a dire situation, they are showing their anger because the Zilla Parishad administration is not building their road by giving the reason of funds.

Adivasis pada in Uran are still waiting for the road as independence anniversary is celebrated. A question is being asked that what will be the status of tribal neighborhoods in historical villages like Charnir and what will be the status of other neighborhoods.

Cherner is the village of the wild satyagraha struggle against British rule in 1930. Eight heroes were martyred in this freedom struggle. Among them was Nagaya Katkari, a young man from the Katkari tribe. But even after 75 years of independence, their heirs have to struggle for education. Children of Kiliacha Mall, a tribal valley, have to walk about three kilometers daily over stone and dirt roads to get their secondary education.

Raigarh Zilla Parishad sanctioned a fund of around thirteen lakhs for the road from Chernar village to Kalacha Mal tribal wadi. But the work of this road could not be done. In this regard, the tribal community has expressed anger as their demands are being ignored despite repeated follow-ups.

Half an hour long wait

We have to get up at five in the morning and come to school at seven. For this you have to walk for half an hour from Kelly Mall to Cherner. But since more than half of the road is mud, the feet and clothes are stained with mud. Students are expressing their feelings that their feet are also getting injured.

It is reported that Zilla Parishad funds have been sanctioned for the banana crop tribal wadi road, but the funds have not reached the Gram Panchayat. The road will be repaired as soon as it arrives.

Mahesh Pawar, Village Development Officer, CHURNER GRAM PANCHAYAT


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