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Muhammad Rakib, Uluberia: Sankrail’s Aftab Uddin is set to move to the United States (North America) for advanced research on how to reduce the cost of chemotherapy in cancer treatment through the use of nanotechnology. There, the talented Aftab was given the opportunity to research at Kent State University. All the people of Sankaraila, including his family, rejoiced at his success.

Chemotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of cancer, but it is quite expensive. As a result, the families of many cancer patients have to bear the costs of this treatment. Aftabuddin Molla, a resident of Chaksrikrishna Molla in Sankrail, Howrah, got the opportunity to research how chemotherapy can be used to treat cancer at a low cost at Kent State University in Ohio.

Aftab, 23, has a master’s degree from IIT Patna. Recently, this chemistry student stunned everyone by securing 44th rank in the Graduate Record Examination (Jhattak). Then he got a chance to do research at Kent State University. He has already received an invitation letter from Kent State University. On August 12, he is going to go to Kent State University in the USA.

Aftab Uddin Molla has been able to learn since childhood. Baba Bahauddin Mollah worked as a teacher and student of motivation in various private educational institutions. Amina Begum’s mother is a housewife. Aftab Uddin Molla, after completing his primary education at Chakshrikrishna Primary School, joined the local Raghudevbati Secondary School.

Then he studied in XI and XII grade in Al-Amin Khalishani mission. This talented student, who loves science, was not inclined to study medicine or engineering and did his bachelor’s degree in chemistry, his favorite subject, from Belur Math Ramakrishna Mission. He then went on to do his Masters from IIT Patna.

Aftab Uddin Molla said, “Many families have to be independent while dealing with cancer patients. This treatment involves the use of radiation and chemotherapy. And chemotherapy is quite expensive. Many cannot afford such a cost. The topic of my research paper is “Application of inexpensive chemotherapy. For this, nanotechnology is used.”