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Pakistani social media star Qandil Baloch (L) and filmmaker Al Nakrita Srivastava (R). (File photo)

Mumbai: Filmmaker Al Nakrita Srivastava is set to direct a film on the late Pakistani social media star Qandil Baloch, the makers announced on Tuesday.

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Producers Vikas Sharma and Suni Khanna, along with Srivastava, have acquired the rights to Pakistani journalist Sanam Mehr’s book “The Sensational Life and Death of Qandil Baloch” and published it by Elif.

Fauzia Azeem, better known by her stage name Qandil Baloch, was a model, actress, social media personality and activist.

She rose to prominence on social media with videos discussing her daily routine, her rights as a Pakistani woman, and various controversial issues. He was strangled to death by his brother Muhammad Wasim.

Srivastava, whose film credits include web series such as “Lipstick Under My Barkha”, “Dolly Kitty and the Shining Stars”, and “Made in Heaven” and “Bombay Begum”, said that he has always been interested in Baloch life. Have been fascinated by the story.

“I was shocked when Qandil Baloch was killed in Pakistan in 2016. It was a heinous murder in the name of honor. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I started watching Qandil’s videos over and over again. And I was fascinated.

“She was very charming and full of life. A poor girl from a small village, who did her job until she became provocatively famous. She was only 26 when she was killed. And the irony is that It was only after her death that she was reasserted as a feminist, “the director said in a statement.

He added that the film was a symbol of Baloch’s courage.

“It simply came to our notice then. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, telling her story without any judgment and encouraging her to live life to the fullest, hopefully the way she likes to tell it, “said Srivastava.

Sharma and Khanna said the film is an opportunity for them to tell a unique story on women’s agency and military gender violence.

Sharma, who has produced films like “Kareeb Kareeb Single” and “Dobara” among others, said that Baloch’s story deserves to be told by a true filmmaker and he would like to collaborate with Shrivastava for the upcoming feature. But happy

“Kandil’s story needs to be told to a sensitive filmmaker who is passionate about women’s stories. Al-Nakrita is the only filmmaker for her. And not just because she is an award-winning feminist filmmaker, but because That she has a lot of empathy for her characters. She tells their stories with clarity and warmth, “said the producer.

Expressing similar sentiments, Khanna said the world needs to know about Baloch.

Qandil Baloch’s story is important and relevant. Even today, women are often at risk when they dare to express their individuality and challenge stagnation. I believe the world needs to see stories like this. And I’m looking forward to this movie’s journey, “said Khanna, whose co-production credits include” Why Chat India? “And” Sent Fry 2 “.

The cast and other details of the title film are not yet known.

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