Alberta selects team to set UCP leadership racing rules Pi News

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The United Conservative Party has appointed 12 members to the rules governing the election of a new party leader.

The party also says it will no longer accept cash payments to members after 5pm on June 1 to “preserve the unity” of the voting process.

The winner of the upcoming leadership contest will replace Jason Kenny as prime minister and party leader. The party leadership announced earlier this month that he would resign after receiving 51.4 percent of the vote.

In a news release on Friday night, UCP Labor lawyer David Price said he would chair the chief election committee.

The committee will determine betting procedures, including the deadline for the contest, entry requirements, and how members will vote and appoint an election official.

Existing rules stipulate that leadership votes must use preferential votes and that each party member must receive votes.

Other voting members of the Chief Electoral Officer are:

  • Constituency leaders Casey Tesschamp, Larry Spagnolo, Tim Heger and Ron Young
  • Former MPs Devinder Shourie and Rick Kazan
  • Former White Court Mayor Marion Chichak
  • Former UCP leader Ryan Becker

The non-voting members of the committee are UCP President Cynthia Moore, Chief Financial Officer Maxwell DeGroat and Vice President Joe Friesenhan.

Until the Kenyan leadership referendum, his opponents raised concerns that six credit cards had been used to buy about 4,000 party members. Elections Alberta has launched an investigation.

Last year, the legislature passed legislation that would allow others to buy party members, among other electoral finance reforms.

UCP laws state that only one member or their immediate family member can pay their membership fee.

The RCMP is also continuing its investigation into allegations of vote-rigging during the party’s 2017 presidential election.

So far, Daniel Smith, the former Wildrose party leader and media personality, and Brian Jean, the former Wildroots party leader and Ford McMurray-Lock La Pitch MLA, have expressed a desire to run for the UCP presidency.