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“As an actor, once the film is done, you are ready. You return to action during a promotion or closer to the release of the project. But as a producer, you have to be with the film every step of the way. – planning and strategizing, monitoring post-production, checking edits and cuts until it’s available to the audience.”

“I have always participated in all my films as an actor, but this project took me a step further.”

The film has an interesting cast, apart from Shefali and Vijay there is another Vijay in it – Vijay Maurya and Rajesh Sharma.

Casting for Alia is paramount, it is what can make or break a film. “When I watch a film, I am amazed when the casting of the film is very detailed. You can see the hard work of the casting directors, their assistants and the whole team together.”

Finally, she talks about her camaraderie with fellow actress Shefali Shah, who plays her mother in the film: “Shefali and I are completely different in front of the stage. Off camera, there’s something else going on in her head, and I’m in my zone.”

“It’s only when the camera is rolling that we spontaneously switch to our characters and that’s how we build the scene,” she concludes.