All records of inflation broken, flour, milk, pulses, eggs, cooking oil all out of reach of the poor Pi News

ISLAMABAD: The government has changed but inflation has not stopped. Thirty-two essential commodities, including flour, milk, pulses, eggs, and cooking oil, became more expensive in one week. Breaking all records, the overall rate of inflation reached 28.05%.

Inflation continues to rise. Inflation rose to 1.01% in one week. According to the statistics agency, prices of 32 essential items increased in one week.

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The price of onion has gone up by Rs. 4-9 per kg, dal by Rs. The price of a 20 kg bag of flour is 24 rupees 89 paise, the price of milk is 2 rupees 3 paise per kg, the price of dal mash is 12 rupees 77 paise per kg, the price of a dozen eggs is 7 rupees 19 paise and the price of dal is Rs. Increased to Rs.

According to the statistics agency, the price of 5 liters of coking oil reached Rs 2770. In one week, prices of 4 items declined and prices of 15 items remained stable.


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