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All Sant Mahapurakh Samaj Punjab holds a special meeting on disrespect

All Sant Mahapurakh Samaj Punjab holds a special meeting on disrespect

Kot Issa Khan 15-01-2022 (Gurdev Khurana / Rajan Sood) Guru Granth Sahib Ji has been being insulted for the last eight years. In this regard a meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Gurdwara Sahib Baba Mahinder Singh Ji of village Janer in Moga district regarding the indiscretions taking place across Punjab by all Sant Mahapurakhs, Giani Singhs, Granthi Sabha, Pracharaks and many other Panthic philanthropic heroes. Gone.
During the press conference Baba Anbhol Singh Deewana of Barnala district said that during this time many seats were created, three commissions were formed, two Chief Ministers were formed but no justice was given by any of them and the incidents of indecency which are continuing till today. . The need of the wicked has increased so much that they have even reached Sachkhand Sri Darbar Sahib. Here the rulers had to find out the address of the conspiracy and also to find out who this friend was and where he was from. The question arises that there are people in this country who have no identity. The central agency, the NIA, was supposed to investigate, but nothing happened. Therefore, we think that a timely inquiry into this incident should be conducted by the NIA and the whole conspiracy should be exposed. He also said that a ten-point campaign would be launched as a whole. Wherever we have to go, we will go and get rid of it. We will form teams in all the gurdwaras and start patrolling soon.
The culprit is called a mental patient after each disrespect. The question arises that even eight years ago there were mental patients but before eight years no mental patient had disrespected Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji then why these mental patients are doing this now. It is a matter of investigation as to whether a group is using clean people for this purpose under some deep conspiracy.
Convicts were also found to be mentally ill for inspecting driving. How long has that person been mentally ill, since when did he get his medicine? Was he examined by a panel of psychiatrists? This is also the subject of investigation.
Speaking on the occasion, Sant Baba Gurmeet Singh Khosianwale, an environmentalist, said that a case has been registered against the accused in Bargari but the investigation into the conspirator is still incomplete. The law should have reached the conspirator’s cheek but it has not happened yet? This is also the subject of investigation.
On this occasion Sant Gurmeet Singh Ji Khosianwale, Sant Baba Resham Singh Ji Khukhrana, Giani Nachhatar Singh Ji Damdama Sahib, Giani Pipple Singh Ji (Panj Pyare), Sant Baba Jagtar Singh Varhe, Jaswinder Singh Gholia (Moga), Hakim Singh Khumbhar (Haryana) Bhai Sarwan Singh Budhlada, Giani Harjinder Singh Virsa Sambal Jathebandi, Jagsir Singh Varhe, Gurmat Vidyalaya Bhai Simran Singh, Bhajan Singh Canadawale, Resham Singh Khukhrana, Mahant Ram Singh Dharamkot, Sant Baba Baldev Singh Morinda, Sant Baba Baldev Singh Jogewala. Sarabjit Singh Khadur Sahib, Sant Jagdev Singh Dharamkot, Bhai Pipple Singh Damdama Sahib, other Sant Mahapurakh, Giani, Singh, Granthi, Pracharak, high class personalities etc. were present.

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