Alwade school tragedy: Doubts arose over immediate police action. ProIQRA News

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The Texas school shooting has sparked debate in the United States over “gun laws.” (File photo)

Suspicions are being raised about the immediate police action against teen shooter Salvador Ramos as a result of a school shooting that killed more than 19 children. Ramos killed 19 children and two adults on May 24 when he entered a primary school after shooting his grandmother in the face.

Sources said locals, who saw Ramos entering a school with a gun and then firing, asked police at the scene to charge the killer but he appeared inactive. An argument has also erupted that police waited outside the classroom door for at least 77 minutes when Ramos fired shots at his victims inside.

Before entering the school, he was confronted by a security officer. Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Considen told the AP that “after fleeing, he opened fire on two arriving Yold police officers who were outside the building.”

He then closed the door and prevented further police pursuits, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. But sources said that while the police were waiting for a tactical team to arrive, they had everything they needed to break down the doors and shoot Ramos.

According to a San Antonio News-Express report, surveillance footage made it clear that “police never tried to open the door to two classrooms in 77 minutes.”

According to the report, investigators believe that Ramos could not close the door. While Alvade School police confirmed Considendin’s statement, sources said everything needed to enter the classroom was available to police, who were undecided on whether or not to enter during the shooting. Even a halogen bar, an ax-like device used by firefighters to break down door locks and force their way into locked rooms.

At the time of the shooting, sources said, at least 11 officers were inside the school and two had rifles in their hands.