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The list of beautiful women of the world keeps on coming from time to time. There are some parameters of science, on the basis of which it is decided who has the most beautiful face. Now in the list of beautiful faces, the name of such an actress is in the news, who has been in the news a lot recently. This name is not of Bollywood but of Hollywood. If you give a hint, then Johnny Depp can be shocked to hear the name. Yes, according to reports, Amber Heard’s face is the most beautiful in the world. According to the science standard, there is almost no shortage in his facial features. This study was done by a UK-based cosmetic surgeon.

92 percent perfect face

According to the report, Amber Heard’s facial features such as eyes, lips and face shape were analyzed by naming it. After that this result came out. According to the report of Unilad, British cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva found Amber Heard’s face perfect by 91.85 percent after the study. For this digital facial mapping technology was used.


decided like this

He did this research in 2016 and used the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty of 1.618. It is also known as Phi. According to reports, he analyzed 12 points on Amber’s face. For this, the 2016 red carpet image of Amber was taken. In this, the distance between the eyes, nose, lips, chin and overall head was measured for about 92 percent score. In a conversation with US Weekly, Julian told, the Greeks discovered that this ratio is found everywhere in nature and for thousands of years it has been the formula for the most beautiful faces in the world.

Church of Amber Heard

Amber Heard has been in the news recently because of the defamation case. She lost the case to husband Johnny Depp. The personal life of both of them remained in the headlines. Also read: Johnny Depp wins defamation case, ex-wife Amber Heard will have to pay $ 10.5 million in compensation