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Amber Heard says goodbye to Hollywood, moves to Spain – Daily Features

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The famous Hollywood actress Amber Heard has temporarily moved from Hollywood, the actress has moved to Spain with her two-year-old daughter. It may be recalled that the actress had a long-term strained relationship with her ex-husband and famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp, after which she accused her ex-husband of domestic violence in 2016. But when this matter reached the court, the case

The decision came in Johnny Depp’s favor. Almost a year after the case was settled, the Daily Mail reports that Amber Heard has left the Hollywood industry and moved to Spain with her 2-year-old daughter to start a new life. The Daily Mail journalist said that “I don’t think Amber Heard will be in a rush to work in Hollywood again, but she might come back when the time is right or when a better project is offered”. “She’s happy in Spain and raising her daughter away from all the noise” Amber Heard hasn’t appeared in a movie since the mega-budget Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom 2021 Aquaman Amber Heard’s career highlight It was a successful movie. Photo: Insider Johnny Depp and Amber Heard conflict: The Hollywood case that caught the world’s attention Hollywood celebrities Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got married in 2015. But after 15 months of marriage, the two announced their separation, Amber Heard appeared in a Los Angeles court with a bruise on the cheek and filed for divorce, pleading with the court to keep Johnny Depp away from her. Orders should be given. She claimed that her ex-husband violently abused her and threw a mobile phone at her with great force. She also claimed in court that Johnny Depp abused her verbally, emotionally and physically. Photo: Variety This high-profile Hollywood case became the center of global attention after Ember came forward with the allegation. After that, Johnny Depp filed a defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard and demanded 50 million dollars in damages. However, after a lengthy trial, it was determined in June 2022 that Amber Heard’s statements about her marriage were “false” and that she had acted “in bad faith”. Amber Heard was ordered to pay $15m (£12m) in damages.