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In India, an eight-year-old child sat for hours with the body of his two-month-old brother on his lap, but no ambulance was found.

According to Indian media reports, a heartbreaking incident took place in Morena area where a poor father was wandering around looking for a cheap vehicle to take his child’s body home and an 8-year-old child was carrying his brother’s body in his arms. sits for

No vehicle was found to take the body from the nearby district hospital, but later when the situation worsened, an ambulance was immediately arranged.

According to the report, Pujaram, a resident of Badfra village of Ambah tehsil, took his two-year-old son to District Hospital Morena after referring him from Ambah Hospital by ambulance.

After the child’s death, his poor father asked the hospital’s doctors and staff for a car to take the child’s body to the village, but they refused saying that there is no one who can take the body in a rental car.

Later, the operator of the ambulance parked in the hospital premises asked for 1500 rupees to take the dead body, but Pujaram did not have enough money, after which he came out of the hospital with his son’s dead body.

When no car was found even outside the hospital, Poojaram made his 8-year-old son sit on the roadside in front of the park and placed his younger son’s body on Prem’s lap, looking for a cheap car.

The eight-year-old boy sat with his brother’s dead body in his arms for several hours, his eyes fixed on the road, waiting for his father to return. Sometimes Prem started crying and sometimes he caressed his brother’s body, but no ambulance could be found.

Later after getting information about the incident, the police reached the spot and took the body of Prem and his brother to the district hospital after which the body was sent to Badfra village by ambulance.

Pooja Ram told the police that I have four children, three sons and one daughter. Of whom Raja was the youngest, my wife left home three or four months ago and went to her home, since then I have taken care of the children myself.



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