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Puber Kalam Web Desk: The government of Saudi Arabia took the initiative to reconstruct five historic mosques in the holy city of Mecca. The names of these five mosques are included in the second phase of the historical mosque development project. The Government of Saudi Arabia has undertaken this special initiative to preserve the architectural beauty of mosques in protection, reconstruction, sustainability and climate change. Among them, the Al-Baya Mosque, built by the Abbasid caliph Abu Jafar Al-Mansur, located in Jamarat Al-Aqaba in the Mina district, will be renovated first.

After the reconstruction, the area of ​​the mosque, as before, will be 457.56 square meters and 68 believers will be able to pray in it. In addition, Abu Inbe Mosque in Harat Al Sham in Jeddah province and Al Hadar Mosque located in Al Balad district are among the 5 mosque projects.

The 339.98 square meter Abu Inbe Mosque was built over 900 years ago. After renovation, its area will be 335.31 square meters, and 357 believers will be able to pray together. Al-Hadar Mosque, located 66 km from the Holy Masjid al-Haram, was built about 700 years ago.

After renovation, its size will be 355.09 m and will accommodate 355 believers. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) prayed in the year of the conquest of Mecca in the Al-Fatah Mosque in the governorate of Al-Jamum. This holy mosque is also included in the reconstruction project. After renovation, its area will be 553.50 square meters and 333 believers will be able to pray in it.

The project also includes the 300-year-old Al Jubeyli Mosque. After reconstruction, it will be 310 square meters and will accommodate 45 believers. A total of 30 mosques in different regions of Saudi Arabia will be included in the mosque development project. The main objective of the project is to renovate historic mosques for worshipers, highlighting the rich culture of Saudi Arabia and enhancing their religious and cultural significance, while preserving their original features.


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