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After Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma directed to take strict action against illegal cattle smuggling, illegal cattle smuggling continues in various parts of the state. বিশেষকৈ নগাঁও জিলাত বিগত আৰক্ষীয়ে চোৰাং গৰু গৰু সৰবৰাহৰ কঠোৰ লোৱাৰ বাংলাদেশলৈ চোৰাং গৰুৰ গৰুৰ চালান চালান বন্ধ হৈ যদিও ৫ ৬ মাহৰ মাহৰ ৰূপহীহাট ৰূপহীহাট ৰূপহীহাট গেৰুৱা আটি জীউমাৰী অঞ্চলৰ অঞ্চলৰ গৰুৰ বৃদ্ধি বৃদ্ধি হোৱা তীব্ৰ প্ৰতিক্ৰিয়াৰ কৰিছে পৰা গৰুৰ সৰবৰাহ ঘটনাই ঘটনাই তীব্ৰ সৃষ্টি সৃষ্টি সৃষ্টি সৃষ্টি তীব্ৰ সৰবৰাহ ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই ঘটনাই হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা হোৱা গৰুৰ ওোৱা কান্তান্য পর্টেক্রির্র্র্ত

In this area, the role of the Nagaon guards is also often questioned. Even Jilahan’s guardian, Piyush Hajjarikao, expressed his concern over the area and was forced to comment to the media regarding the strict crackdown on cattle rustling.

The minister expressed concern in this area, saying, “Our circle has taken strong steps to stop the supply of cows to Bangladesh. I am in communication with HPD regarding these matters. I will not suffer this punishment in the near future.”

According to Janib Par, Chafikul, Chamchul and Chorang Kawaimari ran a pill cattle smuggling ring. Yaropri, Dildar Hussain (Heruwati), Dildar Hussain (Rupahi), Abul Kalam (Dakaipam) and Jayuddin alias Junu (Jeumari) re-established the Haishe Chong cow syndicate in Nagaon. Allegations of covering up the cow mafia have been made through some corrupt security forces.

After Jorhaat cattle are served at Rupahihat in Nagaon:

Taking advantage of the indifference of the Jorhat guards, after Jorhat the cows were moved to Rupahihat in Nagaon. Meanwhile, various media outlets have reported on herdsmen mafia in Kawaimar, Shingimar under Rupahihat Police Station. In connection with the increase in the receipt of stolen livestock, the cases of cow theft have increased significantly. When Nisha happened, a group of cattle thieves disappeared along with the cattle of many farmers in the Rupakhi region. These stolen cows are sent to Bangladesh on the Indo-Bangla border in Meghalaya. After Jorhat, the news of the seizure of cows for Bagri, Jahalbanda and Kaliab guards also spread in the media.

In Mahal, efforts were made to transfer the security affairs of Bagri to Bagri due to the confiscation of stolen cows, although the intervention of Minister Keshav Mahant forced them to leave Bagri again. On the Nisha National Highway, Barghat, Haibargaon and Rahat are guarded by security guards and the supply of cattle is carried out without a free hand and there is a strong reaction.

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