Another scandal of the Usman Buzdar regime came to light – the daily newspaper Ausaf | Pro IQRA News

Another scandal of the Usman Buzdar regime came to light – the daily newspaper Ausaf

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Lahore (Newsdesk) Another scandal under former Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar’s regime came to light. According to the documents, promotion and distribution of posts without merit took place at Punjab University and UET Lahore during Buzdar’s regime.

PTI leader Ijaz Shah appointed his cousin Syed Mansoor as Vice Chancellor (VC) of UET and later through the same VC Usman Buzdar appointed the heads of various departments on merit. According to the documents, the UET Act According to 1974, senior teachers are appointed as dean and chairman, but on the recommendation of Usman Buzdar, the VC appointed junior teachers as dean and chairman. To please Usman Buzdar, his recommended employees were also promoted, while in the Buzdar government, junior professors were appointed as heads of various departments. Buzdar allegedly used to take lakhs of rupees in bribes and do work without merit. According to the documents, Professor Dr Shakir, the fourth ranked professor in the Town and Regional Planning Department, was appointed as the chairman during this period. While at New Campus Kala Shah Kaku, Professor Dr Tanveer was named seventh. as the coordinator, the youngest professor Ali Hussain was appointed as the head of the automotive department, the youngest professor Dr. Ahsan ul Haq became the director of the foundry service center. Non-engineering junior professor Dr. Aamir was given the post of Director of the Environment Department, on the other hand, Prof. Dr. Asif the mission regarding all these developments. Details of promotion and seniority list were sought which the VC has not yet submitted. Dr Asif Rafiq has also approached the court. According to the sources, the VC has also tried to change the seniority rules due to mounting pressure to demand records from the court. Crash. Despite the evidence of corruption and nepotism, these officers appointed during the Buzdar era still enjoy high incentive packages.