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Another student committed suicide in Kota wrote – Mom-Dad, I can’t do JEE, please forgive me. Pi News


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Shakti Singh/Kota: Another student committed suicide in Kota. He was preparing for JEE Mains. The deceased student was a resident of Borgheda. The JEE Mains exam of the deceased student was scheduled to be held on January 31. It is said that he took this step due to depression during his studies.

A class 12 student committed suicide in the area of ​​Borheda Police Station of Education City in Kota. Niharika, 18, was a resident of Shiv Mandir on Borkheda’s 120ft Road. This morning he hanged himself in his room. Knowing this, the family members took him down and brought him to MBS Hospital, where the doctor on duty examined him and declared him dead. Niharika cleared JEE Mains on 30th January. Family members said that he committed suicide due to depression in his studies.

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In the suicide note, the student wrote, “Mom and dad, I can’t do JEE, so I’m taking my life. I’m the worst girl, sorry mom and dad.”

Grandma knocked on the door and found the girl hanging.
Cousin Vikram said Niharika was the eldest of three sisters. My father is the gunman at the bank, my father went on duty this morning. Niharika was studying in her room on the second floor. The other family members were downstairs, and around 10 am, the grandmother knocked on the room door, but Niharika did not open the gate. Grandma shouted and called everyone. When we reached the spot, we found Niharika hanging herself from the light above the gate.


Vikram said that Niharika will study well. In the last 12, his figures were less. He finished 12th again. He was also preparing for JEE. His JEE Mains exam was held on 30th January. He was under a lot of stress regarding the exam.

On the morning of January 23, a student who was preparing for NEET committed suicide. The name of the deceased was Muhammad Zaid, a resident of Moradabad, UP. Muhammad Zaid was preparing for NEET with private coaching. The police did not find the suicide note of deceased Muhammad Jait.

In 2023, 29 students committed suicide
Education Kota has seen an increase in student suicides due to depression. However, to prevent this, the local administration is organizing student orientation and motivation programs. In 2023, 29 students committed suicide.

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