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Anubrata Mondal: ‘Betaj Badshar’ of Birbhum faces jail questioning to know whereabouts of huge assets.

Anubrata Mondal: CBI jail interrogation to know whereabouts of huge assets, what questions were asked to Kesht?

Jail interrogation to trace huge assets, photos – Questionnaire prepared by CBI for Kestar

Asansol: CBI interrogations are a mouthful. Kest is not cooperating with the investigation. This was reported by a CBI investigator. According to sources, Anubrat Mondal was interrogated for about 1 hour that day. “Betaj Badshak” of Birbhum was questioned about his and his daughter’s huge wealth. But he did not answer any question. According to sources, Saigal Hossain also did the same. He wears a lock on his face.

A CBI official, who came out that day after questioning Anubratha in jail, was asked by reporters about the nature of the investigation. He wants to know if Anuvrata is cooperating with the investigation at all. The CBI official clearly said No to this. According to sources, a group of 4 arrived at the Asansol Special Correctional Center around 12 noon that day. There is anuvrata. However, according to sources, a CBI officer entered the penitentiary. The interrogation lasted more than 1 hour.

Meanwhile, the location of several objects was revealed by the names of many people, including Keshta’s daughter Sukanya Mondal and his guardian Saigal Hossain. According to sources, the reason for questioning the CBI officers on that day was to find out the source of origin of all this property. Saigal Hossain was also questioned that day. Questionnaires were prepared for him. After a fifteen-minute interrogation, he was released.

What exactly are the questions of the investigators?

According to CBI sources, the post-arrest search revealed the location of Kestor’s large property in Bolpur. It is questioned. At the same time, it is reported that questions were also raised about the various companies of Kestakanya Sukanya and the selected land. At the same time, questions were also raised regarding the transfer of divine property to the Kankali Trust. But Anuvrata did not answer any question. Saigal also had facial locks. Meanwhile, after questioning Anubrat, the CBI officials went directly to the special CBI court. It is reported that the next steps will be taken after consulting with their lawyers.


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