Asala shocks her fans with a new appearance in the song “Sultan Al Mahaba”! (Video)

Asala shocks her fans with a new appearance in the song “Sultan Al Mahaba”! (Video)

The Syrian artist, Asala, shocked the audience with a new appearance that she appeared in her new song, “Sultan Al Mahaba,” which she presented, Friday, on The YouTube.

And the clip “Sultan of Love” by the artist Asala, from the words of: Prince Faisal bin Turki bin Abdullah. It was composed by musician Dr. Talal, and arranged by Hossam Kamel.

Asala appeared in the clip with strange hair colors, while the audience compared her to international artist Dua Lipa.

The star was Asala, who released her new song “I’m Dakhil Allah”.

The song is from her new Khaleeji album, which is a mini-album entitled “Do not doubt the people.” The work includes four different songs.

The song “Do not doubt the people” is written by Karim Al-Iraqi and distributed by Yahya Al-Mouji.

As for the song “I am an intruder of God”, written by Saud Al-Babtain, and distributed by Maytham Aladdin. While “O you see your souls,” the words of Abdullah Boudla and the distribution of Sirous.

She confirmed that her new album is an exceptional work; For her constant keenness to present tarab art that carries a sophisticated musical thought, stressing her feeling of pride for this cooperation.

In another context, the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, reviewed, a few days ago, her romantic life with her husband, the Iraqi poet Faeq Al-Hassan, in a new way.

And the artist published, through the Al-Astori feature, on her account via “Instagram”, a picture of her behind her husband, Faiq, on a motorcycle.

The couple was wearing a protective helmet, and Asala commented: “He has everything to live for the first time and the sweetest time.”

The Syrian artist had previously sparked widespread controversy with a picture of her and her husband, during which he appeared sleeping and leaning on her head.

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And she commented: “God preserves the chivalrous, the sleep of our God, you piece of my soul.”

The artist also published another picture of Faeq on the sea, and she flirted with him, saying in a clip from her song: “Haneen and Helweh, nostalgia and chivalry, nostalgia and fun. That’s great Josie.”

But the artist was criticized by activists, who saw that the first picture is bold and private, and it should not be published in front of everyone.

Source: (homeland – social networking sites)

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