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amitesh kumar

CP Amitesh Kumar

Nagpur, While on patrol, the police officer noticed the ASI in an inebriated condition, posted under the guard of the Supreme Court. After the response was called, an argument broke out between them. The matter reached higher officials and the ASI was suspended. After that the ASI left the house warning himself to do something.

CP Amitesh Kumar discussed with the family members and informed about the entire incident. Suspended ASI Shyam Mishra has been notified. Mishra, who has been embroiled in controversy due to his relationship with a criminal, has been transferred to the police headquarters. From there, his duty was assigned to Gate No. 5 of the High Court. Gittihadana Police Station Two Vinayak Kohli was in charge of patrolling on Sunday evening. When they reached the High Court, Mishra’s activities were found to be suspicious. When it became known that he was intoxicated, he was also reprimanded.

Mishra got confused with them. In such a situation, he was immediately sent to the hospital for a medical examination. In his opinion, the doctor also reported that Mishra was intoxicated. Considering the seriousness of the episode, the KP decided to suspend him on Monday. On receiving information about this, Mishra left his house. Relatives talked to KP.

Told them that Mishra does not drink alcohol. He warned himself to do something and left the house. On Tuesday, the KP summoned Mishra’s wife and family members to his office. They also showed the doctor’s report and informed about Mishra’s suspension until the case is investigated.


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