Asif Zardari took revenge on PML-N, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Pi News

LAHORE: Former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that Asif Ali Zardari has taken revenge on PML-N and PML-N has ruined the image of the people.

Former Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed while talking to media said that looters should be disqualified as they have no legal status and all the looters who were given tickets by PML-N should be disqualified.

He said that they had come to control inflation but inflation had brought them under control. If the government wants to arrest me, then do it willingly. Imran Khan is going to have a peaceful meeting and I will go out with him for the July 2 meeting. I will not run but I am with Imran Khan.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that Pakistan was not invited to the conference of developing countries in China. There were two elections in Karachi and shots were fired in both of them but if they try to defeat PTI somewhere, they will not give up. Some of the allies are angry with him and yesterday Wasim Akhtar said that it is enough.

He said that BAP, Sherpao group and other parties were not visible and Imran Khan would dispose of all the garbage collected in one go. July is important and there are very important days before Eid.

Talking about the elections, he said that the destruction of foreign agenda could be avoided by holding elections and holding fair elections would solve all the problems. When Lahore wakes up, the whole of Pakistan follows this trend and in two places in Lahore, people appear to be against the PML-N. Those who were beaten for PML-N did not get tickets for by-elections.

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The Awami Muslim League chief said that this is the first time that the electricity bill will be increased by Rs 35 to 40 per unit and the poor man has started walking. The only solution to Pakistan’s problems is new elections.

He said that the Chaudhry brothers should come together in the current situation and I used to say that if there is no way out, then the government has come today. There are and will be relationships with institutions. Make the July 17 elections transparent.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said that cases were registered against me in 25 police stations and bail was granted in 7 of them. Looking forward to the October election date. It is the right decision for Imran Khan not to go to the assembly where Raja Riaz is and we should not fight the establishment.

He said that Asif Ali Zardari had taken revenge on PML-N and PML-N had tarnished the image of the people.