Assembly Election Results 2023 PM Modi launches scathing attack on Congress imt | Pro IQRA News

Assembly Election Results 2023 PM Modi launches scathing attack on Congress imt

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New Delhi: The results of the assembly elections in the three northeastern states of India Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya are now out. While the BJP has crossed the single digit majority in Tripura, the BJP-NDPP alliance has registered a resounding victory in Nagaland. The NPP, on the other hand, emerged as the single largest party in Meghalaya, but fell short of a majority by 27 seats.

After the assembly election results, PM Modi has addressed the workers at the party headquarters. PM Modi said that there is more satisfaction than winning the election that I went there again and again and won the hearts of the people there. The people of the North East realize that they are no longer being ignored. Now North East is neither far from Delhi nor far from the heart.

In his speech, PM Modi also explained the “secret” of BJP’s continuous victory. He said that some people get stomach ache when they think about what is the secret of BJP’s victory. The secret of BJP’s winning campaign lies in Triveni… First strength: Work of BJP governments, Second strength: Work culture of BJP governments and Third strength: Service spirit among BJP workers.

Along with the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also targeted the Aam Aadmi Party. Addressing the BJP workers, PM Modi said that some people are extremely dishonest. These people are now involved in a conspiracy to dig Modi’s grave. These people say Modi should die. The country is not saying go Modi. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi said in a sarcastic tone: Even after the talk of digging graves, the lotus blossoms.

Prime Minister Modi targeted the Congress over the North East election results and said that the Congress has shown its hatred towards the small people. Their leadership says these small states… don’t make sense, therefore Congress is making a big mistake by looking down on it. With the same thinking, the small, poor tribes were ignored. Your hatred of small people will bring Congress down in the coming elections too.

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Minister Modi further said that the BJP headquarters has seen many such instances in the past few years. Today, another opportunity has come for us to humbly greet the people. I bow my head and thank the people of Tripuri, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

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