At least two people die as strong winds blow in Karachi

At least two people die as strong winds blow in Karachi

KARACHI: At least two people died and multiple people sustained injures besides damage to infrastructure in Karachi after strong dusty winds upto 35 nautical miles blew in the city, ARY NEWS reported.

According to the Met Office, westerly winds have been blowing with a speed of upto 35 nautical miles and will continue to blow with small intervals until tonight.

“We have been predicting strong winds in Karachi from the last three days and the low air pressure currently exists over upper Sindh, east Balochistan and South Punjab,” the met official Sardar Sarfaraz said.

Winds with a speed of 30 to 35 nautical miles could lead to the uprooting of trees and may cause damage to infrastructure, he said.

Meanwhile, one person died after a wall of a house collapsed in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Maymar area, the rescue sources said and added that two people also sustained injuries near Power House chowrangi after their motorcycle met an accident owing to gusty winds blowing from the opposite direction.

Furthermore, two people sustained injuries at Suparco road in Karachi after a roof of a house caved in at Suparco Road, resulting in injuries to two people. In another similar incident, a rooftop collapsed in Moach Goth in Baldia, injuring two people.

Many signboards and trees were uprooted in the district Central of the city and the rescue authorities have removed them to clear the roads for traffic.

Cold wave in Karachi from tomorrow

Another cold wave is likely to hit Karachi from Saturday and the temperatures during it could fall upto 9-degree centigrade, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) forecasted.

According to the Met Office, the cold wave in Karachi will continue between January 22 to 26 and the temperatures could decline upto 8 or 9-degree centigrade. “The other parts of the Sindh province could also witness temperatures falling to 6-degree centigrade,” it said.