ATLANTA SHOOTING: Gunman found hiding near swimming pool after barking dogs alerted neighbors, report says | Pro IQRA News

ATLANTA SHOOTING: Gunman found hiding near swimming pool after barking dogs alerted neighbors, report says

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Deon Patterson, the suspect in a hospital shooting in Atlanta, Georgia that killed a woman and wounded four others, was found hiding near an apartment complex’s pool after dogs began barking at him, according to a report.

The arrest of the 24-year-old Coast Guard veteran comes more than eight hours after he opened fire with a handgun inside a waiting room on the 11th floor of the Northside Hospital building in downtown Atlanta.

Police said the suspect was taken into custody by law enforcement at an apartment complex in Cobb County at approximately 7.45pm ET after a series of sightings in the area.

(Atlanta Police)

Witnesses at the Waterford Place apartment complex said police were on their street responding to barking dogs when resident Christy Colwell told them about the neighborhood pool complex located in a wooded area.

‘I thought it would be a great place for someone to hide until dark,’ said Mrs. Colwell. The Atlanta Journal.

“Ten seconds later,[the policemen]came back to us, told us to sit on the grass, and all of a sudden there were 30 police cars driving over there.”

CNN reported that Mr. Patterson had originally attended a medical appointment in the building on Wednesday as he was being accompanied by his mother.

Law enforcement sources told the broadcaster that Mr. Patterson is unhappy with the care he has been receiving from the Department of Veterans Affairs and is seeking to change it.

Asia Pacific Police Chief Darren Scherbaum said earlier Wednesday that the woman who died was 39, while the four other women were aged 25, 39, 56 and 71.


Chief Scheerbaum confirmed the suspect’s arrest at a news conference Wednesday night in Atlanta.

“The network of first responders was there today for their city,” he told reporters.

He praised his officers and firefighters for moving toward danger when they did not know the gunman’s whereabouts in the aftermath of the shooting.

After shooting his first victim, investigators said, the suspect spent two minutes inside the building before walking out and stealing a truck left running at a nearby Shell gas station.


Cobb County Sheriff Stuart Fanhauser told reporters that when they found out the suspect had been identified in their jurisdiction, they sent officers to search for the vehicle.

“These are very complex investigations and the information is coming in very quickly and it’s very confusing and contradictory, we’re trying to go to three or four places where the suspect appears to be the suspect,” he said, describing it as a “chaotic scene.”

He described his officers as “intent on catching an individual who would do such a thing” and said the technology and cameras provided the series of clues needed to track down the suspect.


“We checked a building that we knew he had been in and we knew he wasn’t there, it was being built and very close to Truist Park and The Battery, which was very concerning to us given that many people were in that location,” he added.

He said that after a certain media call came in, an undercover officer confronted the suspect and arrested him in the apartment complex.

Earlier, heavily armed law enforcement officers rushed to 1100 West Peachtree Street Northwest, a Northside hospital facility, on Wednesday lunchtime as violence spread.

All of the victims were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, a Level I trauma center.

Dr. Robert Jansen told reporters at a press conference that three of the victims who were taken to hospital are in critical condition, and one person is undergoing surgery.

The hospital stated that one of the patients was admitted with a live bullet to the abdomen and another was wounded in the arm. A third critical patient was shot in the face and required an interventional x-ray, reports CNN.

The Coast Guard said in a statement on Wednesday that the suspect “entered the Coast Guard in July 2018 and last served as an electrician second class. He was discharged from active duty in January 2023.”

The search for the suspect moved Wednesday afternoon from downtown Atlanta to the Cobb County suburbs, with a vehicle believed to have been found in a parking lot.