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Ayub Khan’s body should be exhumed from the grave and hanged, Defense Minister

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Web Desk: Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that while he supports the Article 6 demand on behalf of the opposition leader, he said that Ayub Khan should be brought out of the grave and Article 6 should be invoked and his body should be hanged.
Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said in the National Assembly session that opposition leader Umar Ayub mentioned Article 6, PTI cabinet decided to invoke Article 6 against me.
He said I support the imposition of Article 6 on those who violate the constitution, Ayub Khan should be brought out of his grave and Article 6 should be imposed and it should start with a fake field marshal.
Khawaja Asif said that the constitution was abrogated at the time of no-confidence motion, then article six should be added to it.
Defense Minister said that Ayub Khan was the first to break the oath and Ayub Khan is the root of overthrow of democratic government, corruption and chaos, so apply Article 6 today and remove the body from the grave.
The defense minister said the beginning has only just begun, there is still a whole night left, the opposition is getting chills at the beginning, Ahub Khan took the oath on the Koran and the green crescent flag and committed offenses and declared the first martial law in the country. .
Khawaja Asif said that all matters from 1958 to 2022 should be Article 6. The opposition strongly protested and raised slogans against Khawaja Asif’s statements.
The chairman of the assembly said that the members of the government were silent about the speech of the opposition leader, so now the opposition should also listen to the speech in silence.
He said that Aamir Dogar had decided in a business advisory that the meeting would go well.
Ayaz Sadiq said that if the protest continues, then I will suspend the meeting for two days, then one day I will conduct the meeting and end the debate on the presidential address.
On the threat of the opposition members, the speaker said that the house will run like this and I will show it, first he gave the microphone to the opposition leader, now let Khawaja Asif speak, the members should speak sequentially and maintain the discipline of the assembly.
The Speaker of the House ordered that inappropriate words of the opposition leader about the institutions be deleted during the session in the House.

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