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Balayya Sankranti Sambura .. All eyes are on the heir

Balayya Sankranti Sambura .. All eyes are on the heir

Nandamuri Balakrishna It is known that this year’s Sankranti Sambura is being celebrated at Akka Purandeswari’s house. The commotion caused by Balayya from yesterday’s bonfires is not all. Purandeswari’s house in Karanchedu was full of childhood fans. Today Balakrishna is riding a horse in Sankranti Sambura. Also laid the steps together with the horse. This video has gone viral right now. It is no exaggeration to say that everyone’s eyes are on the actor’s line at this ceremony. Nandamuri Balakrishna’s successor Mokshajna Tollywood entry will be this year .. No one has given clarity on Mokshajna entry except to say that it will be that year.

Balayya Babu also promised that he and his son would act in a story together but did not say when it would happen. Looking at the Mokshajna look at these ceremonies, it seems that he is not ready to make an entry as a hero yet. He still looks plump in a casual outfit. And while this look is still being maintained, fans are whispering that the word is true that they are not thinking about movies. On the other hand, some people are of the opinion that Mokshajna is not interested in movies at all and hence there is no clarity yet. Anyway, the film industry is waiting with a thousand eyes for a child actor ..? We have to see when Nirvana will happen for the entry of Mokshajna.


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