Baldhana: Two years after the Corona crisis, the women’s hospital is serving women patients. Two years after the corona crisis in Baldhana, Amy Women’s Hospital is serving 95 female patients. | Pro IQRA News

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The women’s hospital built at a cost of 21 crores on Baldhana Aurangabad highway proved to be a boon during the Corona epidemic. After facing this crisis for two years, this government hospital, which is fighting the corona virus, has joined the service of women patients in the real sense on Monday. The hospital was inaugurated by a lady officer on the occasion of Ghatasthapna which symbolizes the power of women and in the presence of eminent leaders and officers.

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MP Prathavarao Jadhav, MLA Sanjay Gaikwad, Collector S. Ram Murthy, District Surgeon Dr. Dr. Nitin Tadas, Medical Superintendent. Zilla Parishad Chief Executive Officer Bhagya Shri Vispate was given the honor of inauguration in the presence of Sachin Wasekar. The event was organized in celebration of the government’s campaign ‘Mata Mahfooz, Ghar Mahfooz’. Meanwhile, the outpatient examination section will continue for one month and after that the update facility will be launched. Sachin Wasekar said. The then MLA Vijay Rajshinde chased for this hospital.


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