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Baloch Culture Day is celebrated 

 | Pro IQRA News

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Many political and social leaders on Thursday celebrated Baloch Culture Day festivities in many major cities of Balochistan in full swing, 24News HD TV channel reported.

The event was marked by many famous Balochi singers who sang songs praising the army, also commemorating the martyrs and folk songs. American and German Consuls General Nicole Theriot and Rudiger Lotz also attended the event in Karachi’s Jaffarabad and donned traditional Balochi dresses.

The youth highlighted the Balochi culture by wearing the traditional Dastar vests and performed many vibrant activities including cultural dance, folk song and many others.

Addressing the crowd, Pakistan People’s Party leader Mir Hassan Khan Jamali said that Baloch culture is a testament to peace, love and unity. Celebrating and highlighting the culture shows the respect and love we have for it and it will be propagated in our young generations. Everyone living in Balochistan is Baloch and our customs and traditions are similar. Celebrating culture is a sign of living nations.

The public said that culture is the symbol of every nation’s identity. The purpose of celebrating this day is to enlighten the Baloch culture and give the world a message of peace and love. Thousands of years old Baloch culture still lives in our hearts today and we show unity, friendship and solidarity today.