Bangladeshi woman entered India to marry boyfriend Pi News

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A 22-year-old Bangladeshi woman has come to India only by swimming, regardless of the border. During interrogation, she has said that she has come to India to marry her lover. She told that in this journey she crossed the dense forests of Sundarbans and reached India by swimming in the river continuously for one hour to meet her lover.

According to the India Today report, the woman has been identified as Krishna Mandal. She tells that she was in love with a boy named Abhik Mandal who lives in India. She met Abhik on Facebook and both fell in love. Krishna did not have a passport so she entered the border illegally.

According to police sources, Krishna first entered the Sundarbans which is known for the Bengal Tigers. After this she swam for about an hour in a river which has dangerous alligators and thus she came to India to her lover.

It is being told that after this Krishna and Abhi got married at Kalighat temple in Kolkata. But on Monday, the police arrested him for illegally entering the country. Sources say that now Krishna will be handed over to the Bangladesh High Commission.

Let us inform that earlier Bangladesh youth had entered the border by swimming the river and in interrogation he had replied that he had come to India to get chocolate. However, to find out the truth of that youth named Imam Hussain, he was handed over to the local police. He then appeared in the court and was sent to 15-day judicial custody for questioning.