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British Columbia’s Minister for Mental Health and Addiction has announced $2 million in funding to support enhanced care for people at risk of suicide.

Sheila Malcolmson says the money will be distributed to regional health authorities to provide training and resources for health workers who care for people in a mental health crisis, with the goal of reducing suicide deaths.

The Malcolmson Department says the British Columbia Department of Forensic Medicine investigated 582 suicides last year, down from 597 in 2020 and 634 in 2019.

There is a high-risk period of suicide for psychiatric patients after they have been released from care, and improving support during and after the crisis is part of the county’s work “to build a continuum of mental health and addiction care,” she told a news conference.

Leah Hollins, chair of Island Health, says the funding will help health care providers update suicide risk management procedures and ensure they have access to updated educational resources, screening and assessment tools and treatment planning.

Malcomson says the funding comes as people grapple with the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, disasters related to severe weather and the continuing legacy of boarding schools.


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