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According to a new analysis, there were more deaths in the first 18 months of the epidemic in British Columbia than in any other province.

That finding updates the study on how many of those deaths occurred due to COVID-19.

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In his Canadian Medical Association Journal paper entitled “Excessive Mortality in Canada, Covit-19 and Health Care Systems”, the UBC School of Population and Public Health Professor found that there are more deaths in Western Canada. In all.

“Actually, this is Kovit – Govt-related things like delayed care, and other things that happen,” author Kim McRae noted in an interview with CTV News about the heat dome and the toxic crisis. Characters, but infection is important.

“Those who have delayed surgeries, those who have delayed diagnosis for new conditions and those who have been treated late for current conditions – they can all contribute. What we do not know at this stage is the comparative contribution of each of them.

He said public health measures, such as masks and other precautions, vary considerably by province, as do access to medical care. But there were differences in how or why the deaths were caused by the virus – BC has an exceptionally low official figure.

Reporting procedures of provincial public health institutions may be affected by decisions regarding whether or not to classify the deaths of both Govt-19 (those who died “from Govt-19” and SARS patients who were the primary cause of death. The primary cause of -COV-2 death is related to COVID-19 (other than those “dead” with COVID-19, “he wrote in the piece.

How big is the underground?

McGrail declined to estimate what he thinks the death toll from BC would actually be, but a previous study by the Royal Geographic Society of Canada believed that the official provincial death toll could be halved in the early days of the COVID.


But the collection of academics and independent scientists, researchers and other experts on the BC Covit-19 modeling team has been maintaining for some time that the province is reducing the death toll and focusing on the issue in their latest study.

Jens von Bergman, a high-quality data scientist and team member in Vancouver, said: “It is difficult to imagine that we have not underestimated the official numbers we have – despite the high levels of drug toxicity and heatstroke.” That’s before we even begin to think health measures are effective. Like the flu. “

Minister doubles over BC exception

The health minister was asked about the latest analysis of BC’s over-death, and declined to acknowledge that the official figure could be inaccurate.

“There will always be discussions about the impact on public health of the various emergencies we face,” Adrian Dix said. “The facts are just facts in BC, and the death rate is the lowest in North America at any jurisdiction of its size.”

CTV News asked to speak with someone at BC’s Vital Statistics to learn more about how data is collected, reported and analyzed, but the Ministry of Health ignored that request and sent a lengthy email report instead.

“We note that the weeks with the highest number of deaths in BC were the weeks with the lowest prevalence of govt,” a spokesman wrote.

But it has long been established that death is a backward indicator of infection, meaning that a person dies a few weeks after infection, which is followed by a series of waves of the virus.

Although McGrail’s analysis lasted from March 2020 to September 2021 and did not cover the full extent of the Delta wave or the Omigron wave, much remains to be learned from his work: the notion that BC had fewer COVID-19 deaths. The claim that credibility is fading is that public health officials should expect that many deaths in the community are not detected due to the virus, and that they can respond very well to deaths – due to a lack of medical care, a new variant, the severity of the weather, drug toxicity or something else – if they have timely information.

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